A favourite pose

The foetal pose from behind has always been a favourite of mine, I don’t know why. Looking back through many pictures, I have drawn it again and again. The first one here goes back about four weeks, the others stretch back at least 10 years if not more, I have lost the dates.

Charcoal and pencil
Watercolour birthday card for an old friend. You can never go wrong with a naked lady for a friend’s birthday.
Two sketchbook nudes, just musings on the pose. Pen and ink, chalk and pencil
Birthday card for my brother. Based on a photo on an artist’s anatomy book. pen, acrylic ink and pastel
Three studies in five minutes in a life class. Just done as fast as possible whilst the model decided what pose she was going to choose. Pen and watercolour. this little picture lives in our bathroom, I am very fond of it. Our cleaning lady loves it and asked for a copy for her bathroom

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