Old watercolour of Taiwanese temples


I must admit straight away, I have never been to Taiwan. A good friend of mine has, and she showed me a photograph of the temple in the bottom left during an art class, and said “I bet you can’t draw that!” Inevitably I spent the rest of the class scribbling it in the corner of a large sheet of paper. She liked it, to the extent that she asked me to draw some more temples on the rest of the sheet. I drew the top temple over the next couple of days and was very pleased with the result. I lost my nerve with the rest of the sheet, as I was pretty certain that luck would not stay with me, so I made an attempt at a large Chinese character in the last section, which I think says “dao” as in dao de ching. The red seal is allegedly my name in Chinese, carved in Malaysia in 1993. Seemed a suitable way to sign this. Wendy has the finished painting hanging in her study, which is very gratifying.


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