Happy New Year for 2015: start the year showing how I started a painting

12498060503_6ab15a0e83_bThis was a drawing I did in one of Paul Fowler’s Extreme Poses life classes. The models climbed into  a cradle of ropes, bolted to the floor and ceiling, and this allowed them to adopt poses they could not normally hold for more than a few seconds. This model was a striking, red haired Hungarian who only came once, I liked the pose, so developed it as an acrylic painting on MDF to keep in my boat.

12766663925_716037700c_bThis was the first stage, the MDF covered in a golden brown background and the drawing copied in charcoal. I just did it by eye and there are some problems, but the overall balance is good.

12766663555_16fe848428_oThe figure is blocked out in a thin white wash. Acrylic dries so fast that you can just paint continuously. Both a strength and weakness of the medium.

12766803413_bd3cca9dee_oNext I tried to establish depth with colour, yellow for the nearest arm, orange for most of the body and blue/grey for the most distant leg. I’m not sure this had much effect in the end, other than as a mental guide.

12498416424_fd9f877a19_zThe final layers in ochres, red for that hair and white. The under-painted colours seem to have disappeared, but maybe they help control the tones. I’m still not happy with the line of her back, but time to stop.

15985688518_949db4d1b6_kAnd here she is insitu, over my berth, ready to keep an eye on me during cold stormy nights at sea.


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