New life drawing workshop

I’ve joined the Stroud Life Drawing drop in sessions today and found them very good. Better than the class in Cirencester, which was held late in the evenings and in a very poor room. These are held in the old Stroud Art College, with aural painting and shamanistic drumming going on in adjoining rooms (all very, very Stroud). An excellent model, who looked good and could hold a pose indefinitely. She must have been the same age as me, so nice to see we oldies can still flaunt it. The first sketches were dreadful, on the wrong sort of paper and wrong medium, but these two in charcoal, conte and some pastel worked quite well. I shall probably go to the Tuesday evening sessions mainly, but you only pay for the sessions you go to, which is very economic. I always miss some.

wpid-dsc_0829.jpg wpid-dsc_0828.jpg


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