Tuesday night life class


We had a new model tonight who held a single pose all evening. Two sessions of 50 minutes each and she didn’t move a muscle, not even to stretch a leg. I did just the one drawing, which I am pleased with, in parts. It is a bit over worked, but partly because the paper was more textured than I realised and charcoal just didn’t look right on it. I rubbed everything n, and then worked over it with pastel and conte crayon. Her left leg is a mess, but only on the drawing. It looked perfectly normal in real life,


2 thoughts on “Tuesday night life class”

    1. I can’t remember much about this drawing session, it was a couple of years ago , apart from the model being so good. I have used the drawing as a basis of a number of further works, including a linocut book plate I cut last week. I always tend to leave her left foot out, I just couldn’t get it right.

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