Life class on Tuesday

We had a wonderful model again, a young woman we had a few weeks ago. She can keep a pose as if she were a statue yet can wander about as if she had just been to the gym during breaks. if I keep still for five minutes, I seize up like clothes-peg puppet.




2 thoughts on “Life class on Tuesday”

  1. Besides showing up on time, it seems like the strongest feature of a model is being able to hold a pose. Apparently some models do it better than others.


    1. Some models can just drop into a pose, and stay there. Others don’t know how to stand or sit, and they must tense up, because they just look awkward and can’t keep still. The one we had last night could also go straight back into a pose after a break, whilst many just can’t remember were their hands or feet were. It is a skilled job


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