Mixed media and watercolour classes

In the mixed media class we were exploring creating an illusion of space. That was the brief I didn’t think much to my production. My camera agreed, it refused to upload the image. You haven’t missed much

I the watercolour class we were looking at combining watercolour and charcoal, using the idea of trees in first the autumn and then the summer.


I like the colours and contrasts of the autumn attempt, but not the composition. It is too uniform and the size of neaer trees is not convincing.


The summer is I think much better. The more distant trees are in thin blue chalk, the closer ones modelled more heavily in charcoal. There is also more of a rhythm to the trunks/ The water colour is applied wet on wet and allowed to move and blur.The effect is lovely but completely unpredictable. This is picture about trees in general rather than any specific trees. I may explore these a bit further.


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