The Four Seasons, watercolour plus others

Every artist has to do it eventually. I painted a scene of trees in our watercolour class, and was pleased with the results, which looked very summery. I decided to have a go at doing the four other season, using the same, imaginary group of trees. The basic technique is wet on wet, allowing the paint to move around.The trees are applied as faint blue pastel lines for the distant ones and charcoal for the main, near ones. The autumn scene, my next version, was done just the same way. Then I tried spring. To get the light green of the new leaves, I used pastel over the watercolour and charcoal. I also put pastel streaks and blobs in the foreground for the spring flowers. There is meant to be a sea of bluebells, which we get around here every spring, but they don’t come through too clearly. winter was the last and a challenge. the basic painting was wet on wet, but the foreground was left white for snow, with pale purple streaks for shadows. A few dots of colour for old leaves, hanging on in there. I tried scraping through to the paper for snow on the branches, but it just didn’t work. Possibly the paper was still too damp. I used white acrylic paint instead, which does work, but you have to be carefully just to place it straight on, without working it. If you do brush t at all, it picks up the charcoal and you get grey.










One thought on “The Four Seasons, watercolour plus others”

  1. It’s a tough challenge.
    I think it’s about seeing differently and escaping the iconic images of trees we grew up drawing. But watercolour is a hard medium such I now mix it with others. Good luck.


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