Finished job, I think

This is one of the completed prints, with seal of approval and a little neck bling. I’ve done six copies so far, on Japanese paper. Need to decide how many to do and what to do with them. 


One thought on “Finished job, I think”

  1. Nice work Julian.

    Dr Charles Howie, FRGS

    Political Ecologist and Visiting Fellow, Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, England, GL7 6JS Formerly Adviser, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, An Giang University, Long Xuyen City, Vietnam Adviser and critical friend to the trustees, Malawi Fruits, registered charity SC042777. Editorial team Ag4DEv, Journal of the Tropical Agricultural Association PhD (London 2011), MSc (RAC 2000), MSc (Stirling 1984), BSc (London 1969), Teaching Certificate (Exeter, 1963) General Teaching Council for Scotland, Registered Teacher, registration number 716394. ________________________________


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