New concertina sketchbook.

I was reading through Ed Mostly’s excellent blog on sketching and sketching paraphernalia “Mostly Drawing” and came across these ideas for a concertina sketchbook. It’s different in that it has three hard covers, which gives you support which is lacking in all other concertina books I’ve tried.

Concertina sketchbooks

Then I thought that I could make one of those, so I did. It took less than an hour, and most of that time was spent waiting for glue to dry.

I’m very pleased with the outcome, and I’ve decorated it with some of the calligraphic works I produced a few weeks ago, which have been lying around. So thank you very much Ed. Just need to draw in it now…


2 thoughts on “New concertina sketchbook.”

  1. Hi Julian, sorry, I’ve only just spotted this. Well done on your sketchbook, and thanks for the mention! Hope you enjoy the extended possibilities of the concertina, panoramas, narrative collections etc. Ed


    1. Hi Ed. I love these sketch books and have made three of them now. One is almost full. I like the concertina action, and the fact there is no stitching, just gluing, which matches my skills level. Thanks for sharing all the technical details. I got the book tape from the vintage paper company on Orkney, which is a real find, if you haven’t found it already.


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