Back to printing

I haven’t printed for a while, so decided to have a go at creating a print from one of the sketches I did out on the Bass Rock.

I redrew the selected part of the sketch, adding a bit here and there. Then transferred this in reverse to a lime wood block and started carving a basic key block drawing. I’ve had this lime for years and wanted to use it. Lovely to work in, but a tendency for unintended bits to chip out.

I took a couple of proofs onto cartridge paper, and coloured it up to get an idea of the finished work. I decided to cut out the hatched shading. Not sure now that was the best idea.

I cut two more blocks for head and pebble colours and shading. I used lino simply because I didn’t have any more lime. I’ve proofed the three blocks onto Somerset paper. Quite pleased with the outcome, but the are several tweaks to the carving needed before I do a final edition. I think I’ll run off about 10.

3 thoughts on “Back to printing”

      1. I envy you having gone to that course. I went two years running when John Busby still led it. I couldn’t get on it the next year – rightly they prioritise professionals, younger people and students. If you are interested I posted my sketches on my blog June, July 2012, and June to August 2013, then I attended a printmaking workshop using these gannet sketches and posted in Oct 2013. I say this because we’ve been on a similar journey – don’t feel obliged to visit my blog. Your drawings and printmaking are an example to me of what I’d have liked to have achieved.


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