Naked and nude

I shall add images here occasionally to keep this page fairly current.

Nudity is fundamental, it is what we all are underneath. Some cultures seem terrified of it. Some fetishise it. Few seem to just accept and live with it. I am just comfortable with it. I’ve been a naturist all my adult life and spend my time naked whenever that is appropriate. I suppose all problems stem from that last word.


There is debate about the different meaning of nude and naked. Naked is just the norm, from which clothes are a divergence except when it is cold. Clothes protect us, but they also shout social status, passing fashion, even nationality and political allegiance. Naked is just human.


I happily draw people wearing all sorts of clothes. I will draw whatever is in front of me. But drawing a nude person is always more complete than drawing one covered up. I have drawn from life since I was a student, many years ago. I have had long breaks from it, but I always come back in the end.

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