Perfect sculptures

I don’t often photograph items in museums. I prefer to look at them and buy a professional photography of it if there is one. But these two Egyptian sculptures that I have just seen in the Neues Museum in Berlin are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen, and they weren’t included in the postcard collection. So I went back to take my own. Nefertiti is gorgeous, but I loved these more

Ahkenaten, Nefertiti and three of their daughters
One of the daughters

Crossing the Mekong in 2003


Just another example of grabbing a beautiful photograph in a moment. We were crossing a branch of the Mekong in the delta in Vietnam. The sun was shining towards us and I noticed a boat was just about to cross in front. I grabbed my little pocket camera and snapped this. A moment later it was gone. No other pictures I took are worth sharing with anyone.

Old watercolour of Taiwanese temples


I must admit straight away, I have never been to Taiwan. A good friend of mine has, and she showed me a photograph of the temple in the bottom left during an art class, and said “I bet you can’t draw that!” Inevitably I spent the rest of the class scribbling it in the corner of a large sheet of paper. She liked it, to the extent that she asked me to draw some more temples on the rest of the sheet. I drew the top temple over the next couple of days and was very pleased with the result. I lost my nerve with the rest of the sheet, as I was pretty certain that luck would not stay with me, so I made an attempt at a large Chinese character in the last section, which I think says “dao” as in dao de ching. The red seal is allegedly my name in Chinese, carved in Malaysia in 1993. Seemed a suitable way to sign this. Wendy has the finished painting hanging in her study, which is very gratifying.


I’ve said that I’ve been drawn to the styles of Bill Buchman, with his very loose, brightly coloured figure studies. I have been working on his style, to see what I can take from it. But then when  looked at the ink painting below, which I must have made 15 years ago and now sits on my window ledge, I can see why I like his style. This is entirely acrylic ink, both as washes and as linear overdrawing.


Revisiting some old drawings


This was a sketchbook entry from some years ago. The parish church in Schladming in Steirmark. I was waiting for a train, so at outside and sketched this classic onion doomed Austrian church. The colours were all added later in the day when I got to my next hotel.


This is not a proper sketch, as it is taken from a couple of photographs I took in rajasthan. I like it because they were just a couple of scribbles I did on the back of another drawing when I was bored in a class. It was only after I had finished them that I suddenly realised that they were quite good. The last throwaway scribbles are often the best.

Last life class this year.

I shall miss the class next week so this is the last one of this year. We have just had old men as models this session. I shall be hoping for more females next term.


This sketch is in conte crayon on tinted watercolour paper. I am quite pleased with it as a quick study. I had tried a couple before on a smooth drawing paper and the marks were so dull I just stopped and threw them away. This textured paper is a bit mechanical (it is machine made Bockingford, which is quite good stuff) but gives a much better mark.


This final sketch was entirely in the cheap Pentel oil pastels that I bought last week. I think they are excellent and just £2.99 for a complete set of nearly 30. The texture of the paper works again. I got the head in the wrong position so just drew over it in dark blue, to show where it should be. It gives a nice dynamic to the drawing.

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