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White line woodblock

Another new technique for me. I went to a one day workshop at Ardington School of Craft run by Beth Jenkins on the American technique of white line woodblock printing. It was intended to be a simplified form of Japanese woodblock, requiring just one block for the whole image, using watercolour and gouache as the print medium. It is really also closely related to mosaic and stained glass techniques.

Each area of colour is outlined by a gouged groove, the white lines, and then the area flooded with watercolour and the image transferred to thin paper by hand burnishing. Only a small area can be done at one time, so the paper and block need to be kept in register the whole time. Only one print at a time can be produced, and all will be different in colour. You can have indefinite print runs.

My first block, based on a photo I took off razor bills at St Abbs Head. The block itself is beautiful at the end.

I’m working on a second print in my studio. A roosting kittiwake I sketched at Dunbar. Still working out the best colour scheme.

Getting ready for a print series

Today was all about preparation. I bought 10 sheets of Zyrkal printing paper and cut them in half. Then cut five more MDF backing boards with a router, nearly messing up all of them in the process (always check TWICE… ). Stuck lino to each. I’m ready for at least three more designs, if not six. Stuck registration tabs on each sheet, using the new Ternes Burton registration pins I got from Handprinted in Bognor Regis, ¬†who delivered in under 24 hours. I’ve never used them before, but they look like they should work. Keeping everything registered is crucial. Now just need to get drawing.