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Water colour landscape; stormy clouds and treesĀ 

This was just an exercise in the class yesterday, building up a classic English landscape using multiple layers. I wasn’t too pleased with it when I finished, but it had rather grown on me. A complex, technical watercolour, with a wax resist layer which looks like it was just thrown together. 

Watercolour, ink and wax

First class of the year. As always with Mark Kelland’s class, we learn new techniques. The problem is applying them out of the class. Today we looked at using candle wax as a resist. Laying on bright yellow with a sponge, scribbling over it with an uncoloured candle, then laying more, darker paint over. Then drawing apples with the candle and finally sponging ordinary Parker Quink over it all, It gives an effect very like lino cut printing. You would hardly guess it is watercolour. I added a few highlights by scratching through to the paper underneath.

At the end of this term, Mark wants one picture fromĀ each of us to put in an exhibition. It will cover all of his classes, not just this one.