Still working on the second figure


Major alterations to the second figure. The line of her back looks much better, I think, after close study of some of Klimt’s sketches. Well, if he can’t draw a naked girl, no one can. To sort out her left arm I finally resorted to looking at myself in a mirror (don’t even start to think about it). It is really hard to make it look real, the smallest error in proportion just ends up with a wooden doll-like image. I have repainted the sky with crimson, which still looks bad, but much better than the original insipid sky-blue sky

Birthday card for an old friend


A very good friend who shares our love of India has a big birthday shortly. I painted her this card, which is loosely based on a photograph I took at Ranakpur Jain temple in Rajasthan several years ago. Getting the feel of heat and brightness is always difficult.

Still struggling


I am still struggling with my second figure. Just blocking in strong light to try to get something which reads as real. I don’t like the sky at all and may turn it red. The sea is not great either. In fact, still a lot to do really

Back at life class

wpid-dsc_0774.jpg wpid-dsc_0777.jpg wpid-dsc_0775.jpg

Back at the Tuesday night class after the Easter break. I was shattered and just wanted to go to bed, so nothing dramatic done. Tried out some new “watercolour” marker pens from W&N, which are interesting, but I don’t really know what they do yet. You can scrawl fast on smooth paper with them.