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Ballpoint and water colour pencil

An interesting one day workshop combining these two unlikely media. I’m still unconvinced by water colour pencils. They are OK as pencils, but when water is applied I think the result just looks insipid. But going over it in biro does help. I like the effect of building up layer upon layer of crosshatching. This abstract based on pots is dirt off OK. I need to do more experimenting.

Up to date for once

The thinking ambulance driver

I drew this just an hour ago at an evening class. A pose to emulate Rodin’s Thinker. We were meant to be exploring light and dark, but I didn’t block in the background as planned as I thought it would spoil the image. The preparatory sketch below did explore light and dark, and although it is not great, I think it has qualities that the bigger drawing lacks. The big drawing is in soluble watercolour pencil. The sketch in charcoal and pen and ink

Prep sketch