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Painting on coloured paper 

Experiments with watercolour on coloured paper today. The paper colour will change the paint colour except where you use opaque white gouache. That can either give you a white base or an opaque version of the main colour. We painted little daffodils on three colours of paper. Well, it is nearly spring. I think the last I did, on light brown paper, was best. Largely because I was getting used to the subject and zoomed in on the detail.

Watercolour; an old shed in the garden 

This week’s class was about drawing and painting. We spent nearly two hours using fine line pens to build up a dense, textured drawing of a garden with an old shed in it, and then half an hour sloshing watercolour over it. It needed longer than that as the paint really needed to dry in stages. 

Although I quite liked the result, I think it probably looked better when it was just a drawing… 

Life class watercolour sketches


Ink and watercolour this week. The planned model cancelled and our usual stand-in saved the day. He is an excellent model, can really hold a pose indefinitely, but it wold be nice to have a female model again. They seem now to be the exception rather than the rule.

This is not so much ink and wash as ink and watercolour dabs. Mark doesn’t want even washes, but lively variation of colour. He aso insists on just the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue. All the rest arise from them

Bluebells in autumn? 

I’ve done about five weeks at watercolour classes since September, but haven’t really liked anything I’ve produced. But I quite like this. Bluebells in the woods, which are a feature of the cotswolds, but not this time of year. Painted using just pieces of sponge and dryish watercolour from tubes. The trees a painted with the edge of pieces of cardboard and the floating bluebells are dabbed on acrylic. Purists would be horrified, but I’m not and I’m not. 

Water colour portraits

dsc_0685.jpgBack at the week;y watercolour classes. They’ve been running fro four weeks, but I haven’t really liked anything I have produced so far, until now. We were doing portraits, which is not my strong point, and I have never done them in watercolour before. But this third, very quick one (about 15 minutes) was not too bad. I feel it is still a bit wishy washy, which is a problem in watercolour. I think it might be improved with some over working in pastel to give a bit more depth. The model is excellent, someone who I have drawn many times in life classes. She laughed and said it must be odd to draw her with her clothes on. I kept a polite silence.