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More bookbinding

I spent a day at a coptic stitch bookbinding course at Ardington School of Craft last week. Produced two quite acceptable sketch books as a result. I don’t like these open backed books all that much, aesthetically, but they do work very well as sketchbooks as they open out completely flat. I may get to love them.


Yet another sketchbook

I am really enjoying making new sketchbooks, with properĀ  sewn bindings. After I finish each one, I think of a feature I wish I had added. So this one has a proper elastic loop to hold a pen. This is in the correct location to hold the pen by its cap. This means the pen is just taken in and out of the cap, which stays in the loop. The front and back of the book are extended, so that they enclose the pen. This stops it catching in you pocket. I covered the book in Japanese paper, printed with one of my lino blocks. All covered in acrylic medium for protection. Plus a nice girl for my bookplate. I look forward to taking her sketching.