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Busy Tuesday

My old hydraulic lino cut press finally gave up the ghost last week. After a period of lurching rather unnervingly to the right when loaded, it pulled one of its bolts right out. So I’ve spent the last couple of days building a new one with a new oak worktop base and four steel rods to hold it all together. I haven’t printed with it yet, but it barely creaked when I powered it up.

This afternoon I was back at the life class, where we did a portrait, starting with a detailed pencil drawing, and then painting over it with acrylic. Quite pleased with the outcome.


More bird painting

I’ve been back to Slimbridge and the Wildfowl Trust. I treated myself to a small telescope¬† which I’m very pleased with. Now I can work with my hands free from holding binoculars all the time.


Having got it all set up, there was ne’r a thing to see, apart from one solitary goose plodding around, so I painted him /her.¬†DSC_1994.JPG

Bird painting at Slimbridge

I spent an hour or so at Slimbridge this afternoon, watching and painting wild geese. I didn’t have long, but I wanted to try out a stripped down watercolour kit.

It seemed more than adequate, and didn’t take up half the room of all the boxes I took part time. Only time for one page of sketches of greylag and barnacle geese.

Back at Brewery Arts life class

I skipped one term of life classes as I was fed up with how few models we had. Back for a new session and very pleased we had a new model, who was very good. She had modelled for sculptors before, so was very good at keeping still. Standing poses, which is rare. I have an idea for a painting which needs a standing figure. Working in graphite first, then willow and compressed charcoal


Drawing birds?

In amongst work on my boats, I’ve managed to do some drawing today. I went to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Slimbridge, which is just down the road from us, and had a go at painting some of the birds from life. Not brilliant, but it’s a start. I shall go back over the winter to see the migrants.

In the evening, I went to the Stroud Life Drawing drop in session for the first time in a long time. We had a lovely model, which made a nice contrast to the middle aged men that I seem to have been drawing in life classes for years. I used pencil to try a tonal drawing, which is not usual for me. Worked quite well and was fun to do.