My seal, carved in Malaysia, 2000
My seal, carved in Malaysia, 2000

This site aims to share the art work I have produced over many years. WordPress is new to me and not the easiest system to use. Please bare with the changes which are bound to happen over the early days



Self portrait from about five years ago
Self portrait from about five years ago

I have hosted several general websites, holding travel blogs (before the word blog was coined), and archives of drawings and paintings that no one could access easily. I also run a blog about my love of sailing (and of my boat Daisy Gracewhich you can find here, but I wanted something where I can display some of my art and try to tease out why and how I created it. Feedback would be appreciated.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT JEGS ART”

  1. Its great to have found this and I look forward to seeing the posts. I also use a blog simply to post sketches as they happen and I particularly like seeing people’s sketches made on the spot. I have to say that your drawings are technically accomplished with an almost architectural feel to them. You don’t say but are you a professional artist?


  2. Anything but professional, but curiously I am an architect, although I haven’t practised for over 25 years. I’m a full time academic, due to retire next year. That is partly why I am developing this blog, as I want to do much more drawing and painting when I have got the time.


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