Stormy sea


This started out as a watercolour at Mark’s class. We were exploring the use of masking fluid and multiple layers to convey distance. I liked the techniques but I thought my finished piece was very flat and dull. So I added a bit of acrylic to it. Rather a lot of acrylic in fact. There is hardly any of the original watercolour showing. I’m pleased with the colour of the rocks and the heat splash. Not so sure about the waves and clouds. I need to study waves more next time I am afloat

Oil painting in life classes

For the last two weeks we have been using oil paints in Mark Kelland’s life class. First week a lady painted on a deep blue background on paper. This week a large man on a white canvas. I’m trying to keep the colours bright, but I keep forgetting that oil does not dry as quickly in acrylic and I kept mixing the colours.

What I would love to achieve are the colours I saw in August Macke’s painting that we saw in MoMA in New York earlier in the month.


This painting was completely new to me and I loved it. Hardly anyone was looking at it, because it had no caption and it wasn’t on the audio guide. One young chap was studying, and when I said that l really liked it he was very enthusiastic, saying it was one of the best paintings in the museum. I agreed.