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Back at the life class

A good, new model tonight. He had the most wonderful roman nose. Caesar would have been proud of it. I experimented with various media. Red, black and white chalk, biro, charcoal on different papers. I really liked the biro, although I only had 15 minutes for it.


Life class without tutor

Our tutor was ill, so we had to run the class ourselves. Or to be more honest, the model did. It was actually good to spend some time just drawing and not learning a new technique. The model said he was happy to do whatever we wanted. I don’t think anyone had the nerve to say “can you take all your clothes off so that we can all sit and stare at you?” Drawing clothes is quite a challenge, anyway.

Personalising sketchbooks

I’ve made several sketchbooks now, and I wanted to cut some sort of maker’s plate into them. As I’ve been very busy printing, cutting a lino block seemed the best idea. As I often do I liked back over years of life drawings to find inspiration and found this one, which is an old favourite.


Then I cut a block, which I think works quite well.


Printing straight into the book is a bit but and miss, but that rather adds to it.