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Ballpoint and water colour pencil

An interesting one day workshop combining these two unlikely media. I’m still unconvinced by water colour pencils. They are OK as pencils, but when water is applied I think the result just looks insipid. But going over it in biro does help. I like the effect of building up layer upon layer of crosshatching. This abstract based on pots is dirt off OK. I need to do more experimenting.

Back at the life class

A good, new model tonight. He had the most wonderful roman nose. Caesar would have been proud of it. I experimented with various media. Red, black and white chalk, biro, charcoal on different papers. I really liked the biro, although I only had 15 minutes for it.

Ballpoint portrait

Another from the Atlas of Beauty. Different from previous as this is entirely drawn in black Bic biro. A very derided medium. It is superb for quick sketching. The drag on the paper feels perfect and you can build tones from pure black to the lightest grey. Downsides are that you quickly gets globs of ink on the ballpoint, which you must constantly wipe off on a tissue, and it fades. If left in the daylight it can fade almost to invisibility. But in a sketchbook it will outlast you…