Table Easel

Drawing and painting has been on hold for a while due to a variety of “events, dear boy, events”. Hope to get back to it soon. In the mean time I have got myself a table easel. A very cheap one from an art discount shop, It was too short to hold anything other than a small landscape board, but whilst I was busy gluing up bits of boat, I glued a plywood panel to it to extend it.


This seems to work quite well and should stand up to use if I don’t bash away at it too hard, which I tend to do.

I find increasingly that I prefer to paint with the board upright. Looking down at something which is going to be viewed horizontally just seems a distraction. I also bought a few new cheap brushes, which are excellent for acrylic. I need to be a bit more professional in using different brushes for different colours. It will save a lot of cleaning time and getting the wrong colour situations. Hope to get back to my two girls and their boat sometime soon.