Sketchbooks galore

These are all the sketchbooks I have made since last summer. I had no idea it was so many. None are full but all have something in them. They are very satisfying to make. You can have just the size you want to cut a pocket, and just the paper you want. Even several different papers in the same book. I shall make more.

New sketchbook

My wife had made some albums using an open backed spine bookbinding technique that I liked. It allows the book to open absolutely flat. I’ve made a sketchbook on the same format, using a variety of Japanese papers that I had. I’m not sure how well they will work in a sketchbook, but only trying will tell. I’ve used two lino prints as cover papers. I’m pleased with the result, but yet to try it out.

Tuesday evening life class

I’m getting out of the habit of drawing, so it’s good to get going again. This girl stood in at the last moment. The booked model cancelled during the day and the tutor had to phone round in desperation to find a new model. He paid her extra and she deserved it. She was excellent.