25 years old


This is my second fragmented nude. Sections of handmade paper pasted to a canvas and then an acrylic image painted over them based on a very old drawing. It looked weak, largely because the paper was too dark in some places. In the end I reworked and reworked the whole image with pastels, building up many layers with fixative in between. I think I am pleased with the outcome, or at least this state. It has been hanging on my wall for a couple of months before I reworked it, and the same may happen again.. The paper collage is almost invisible. apart from its shapes.

I still like the original charcoal sketch, which has been hanging on my wall for years


Water colour portraits

dsc_0685.jpgBack at the week;y watercolour classes. They’ve been running fro four weeks, but I haven’t really liked anything I have produced so far, until now. We were doing portraits, which is not my strong point, and I have never done them in watercolour before. But this third, very quick one (about 15 minutes) was not too bad. I feel it is still a bit wishy washy, which is a problem in watercolour. I think it might be improved with some over working in pastel to give a bit more depth. The model is excellent, someone who I have drawn many times in life classes. She laughed and said it must be odd to draw her with her clothes on. I kept a polite silence.