New portrait challenge

In my bid to learn to draw better portraits, I’m working through a while range of colours of exemplars. I was given the wonderful David Hokney book, the History of Pictures for my birthday. It is full of wonderful things. I have just started a copy of a sleeping soldier by Piero de la Francesco. Long way to go yet. 

She is done

I think she is wonderful. It is the contrast of her completely modern body against that fabulous backdrop of egyptian hieroglyphics that always catches my eye. This is what ancient Egyptians must have actually looked like. How Klimt got away with her flaunting herself like this on the main staircase into the new Royal gallery I don’t know. The Viennese were so messed up about propriety and sexuality. I can see why Freud had so much fun getting old Wienerins to talk smut to him. It’s an endlessly fascinating city.