Another blast from the distant past.

In the very early 1970s I created a series of small scraper board images, using a set I purloined from my mother. Black Indian ink laid over a white waxy base. You scraped through with a little knife to create a white image. I loved the effect and it was easy to correct with black ink. The viking ship was the first one I did. All the rest are vaguely Tolkienesque, apart from the Blake poem, which was on white scraper board.

My sister has one other that I did, of a king either gazing into a crystal ball, or just about to bowl for a strike. It’s all a matter of viewpoint.

Semi-reclining nude


Makes her sound like a piece of furniture. I think she’s done. I like the composition and the figure is fair. I have managed to get some colour into her skin in places which always looks good when it works. The vase on the table is the “waterfall” vase I saw in the Ashmolean.. I’ve popped an Olympian necklace on her so that she’s not totally naked of visitors call. dsc_0039.jpg

To see the pedestal of the table, you’ll need to look around the edge of the frame.

Chinese vase


I spent the day at the ashmolean museum in Oxford yesterday. Glorious things there, it is one of my favourite museums. They have an outstanding collection of Chinese ceramics, and this 18th century vase was one of my favourites. I didn’t paint in the museum. Just did some sketches and took notes. Very hard to paint a deep dark blue vase on a black base. There was also a Japanese waterfall enamel base which I am trying to include in my “Vermeer” painting. Not easy.

Classic semi reclining nude

I decided I needed a change from town and landscapes so I have turned to one of my favourite drawings, a very relaxed semi reclining pose from a beautiful model. The drawing is a mess, but I think it catches the pose and even the light. As a painting, I’m going to turn her round, as I have a long term plan for a triptych, with her facing in from the left.


The context I’m still working on, but I want red and green to dominate, so I have hung one of the robes my wife brought back from Nagaland behind her. I don’t know what the green rectangle is yet.



A lot of work still needed on the figure, her head is to big for starters and the perspective keeps changing. No idea what she is sitting on yet.