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Shelduck 8

The eighth stage of this lengthy process. A light blue layer for the sky and some of the water. I’ve carved lines out of the background for reeds. These show as the previous yellow layer and will have a darker sienna added to them next.


Shelduck 6

I’ve added the final black layer, which defines the whole shape of the bird. I’m pleased with the result so far. Will have to work on the background block next, which is a bit intimidating.


Not much of the block left now, after all of the reduction. There will be no more than eight prints in this series.


Shelduck 5

Couldn’t resist the beak. Not as bright as I had in mind, but that is not a bad thing, I expect. Only applied ink to the beak area as it is the only red. Just the black layer to do on the bird block. I am away all day tomorrow, so that will give this all a chance to dry fully.