Life class and watercolour class

Back to two classes a week. I’ve had a break of about three weeks for various reasons.

In the life class we were working with two coloured pencils, blue and red. It is remarkable the range of tones and apparent colours you can get just with these. The evening was very hot. You wouldn’t think it possible to fall asleep, standing up, but the model showed you really could.


In the water colour class we were studying landscape composition. Starting with a small photograph of a little bridge and its immediate environs, we had to place it in a larger context of our own choosing. This was to be a coloured pen and ink drawing. I went for a rugged, alpine setting. Everyone else went for a rolling, open landscape. Don’t know what that might signify. I quite like the bridge and its sunny river and river banks, but I don’t like the background hills at all. The whole thing looks a bit wishy washy to me, a risk with water colour. I put a little figure in red on the bridge. All paintings should have a bit of red in them.