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Life class, portrait in oils

Portrait session, using oil paints. I had a small canvas which I wanted to use. Kept the scale of the work down, which I liked. Some of our recent work has been so big as to be unmanageable. Quite pleased with the result, but I realised too late that the shoulders are at a smaller scale than the head. Need to stand and think more.

Ballpoint portrait

Another from the Atlas of Beauty. Different from previous as this is entirely drawn in black Bic biro. A very derided medium. It is superb for quick sketching. The drag on the paper feels perfect and you can build tones from pure black to the lightest grey. Downsides are that you quickly gets globs of ink on the ballpoint, which you must constantly wipe off on a tissue, and it fades. If left in the daylight it can fade almost to invisibility. But in a sketchbook it will outlast you… 

Daily drawing 

Today’s sketch on the right, with last night’s on the left. I have been working over the latter. It is very hard to stop. This is the end of this sketch book. It has slightly rough, 50 year old water colour paper in it, which I didn’t like for drawing on at first, but it is lovely for this style of sketching. The fibre tipped fine liner pen starts to run dry after a bit, which actually improves the drawing. The next sketchbook had smooth paper in it, which I will probably now hate.