Caffè Nero again

I was in Birmingham all day yesterday and never got round to drawing. But it was a very arty day. First the Käthe Kolwitz exhibition at the Ikon gallery, which was excellent. Then the Barber Institute of Fine Art, which has a remarkably good small collection. A portrait by Vlamink was a highlight for me, but they even have  a Breughel and a Boticelli which just seemed to be showing off. 


Preparing to print

A daily drawing doesn’t have to be in a sketchbook. This is a lino block, laid out for a print of the Bessie Ellen West Country ketch setting sail.


It will be carved away in several stages to create the final printed image. I have an idea in my mind of how it will look, but it is very unlikely to end up that way. The cut away areas here will remain white throughout.


These are the first two printed layers, establishing just the basic cloud tones. Impossible to judge how good the finished print might be at this stage.